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PR News - June 26, 2009 - Cleveland, Ohio

The powerful and moving new Christian movie, 'Live Fast, Die Young' received a standing ovation at the recent Alive Music Festival, one of the top Christian festivals in the country.

The film, about one person who makes a stand for Christ at a Hollywood party, appeared to resonate with many in the crowd. One person said he was stunned by the ending. "I cried all the way back to my tent," he said. "It was such a great movie."

Another person who brought his daughter mentioned how it affected both of them. "My daughter cried through the night," he said. "It was a very moving film. Especially the ending. Better than 'Fireproof' (another Christian film).

The movie screened after the multi-platinum band, Switchfoot, played on Friday night. "I was surprised that so many people actually stayed and watched the film," said the film's director, Tim Chey. "It was raining cats and dogs, but people wanted to see it and we felt so blessed."

"Live Fast, Die Young" is going to more theaters in the fall. The film's fan base has been growing throughout the country as more and more people are discovering the uncompromising message.

"We're reaching a point of no return in our society," says Chey, "where the shallowness and hopelessness of a media-saturated obsession with celebrity stories is replacing anything of eternal value, namely God's will for our lives."

About 18,000 people per day came to the festival to listen to top Christian bands (Skillet, Switchfoot, Dave Crowder, Newsboys, et al) play.
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